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At the core of all of our solutions is our comprehensive technology platform. We offer integration options to all touch points of the supply chain, including EPR, WMS and TMS systems. Automating your processes can help to reduce costs, increase service levels, boost productivity and gain more supply chain visibility.​​

From TMS (Transport Management Software) to WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) and BIS (Business Intelligence Software):

We have teamed up with a number of tech companies to give our customers access to market-leading software and comprehensive data analytics.


One of our partners is the software company SmartFreight. Their TMS allows us to manage and monitor the dispatch process of our clients – and to enhance automation and efficiency at critical points.

Some of the features and benefits of working with SmartFreight

Easy integration with any ERP-platform

Platform can be server or cloud-based 

Seamless flow of information from customer to carrier

Shipping rules and customised logic to ensure best business practice

Access to multiple carriers to provide business continuity

Electronic dispatch

Automated invoice reconciliation

Easy access to freight rates, instant quotes and delivery times

Bulk quoting and bulk tracking

One platform to navigate all tracking and shipping milestones 

Geo-fencing technology and advanced shipper notification


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